The Bear Lake Valley is not only famous for the turquoise waters of Utah’s Caribbean of the Rockies! Bear Lake Utah is the birthplace of the “Famous Raspberry Shake” – a combo of extra-creamy vanilla ice cream and hand-picked local raspberries, absolutely delicious and mostly savored by spoon as far too thick for a straw! 

Those who have had the pleasure of sipping on a “Famous Raspberry Shake” know it’s so much more than a delicious dessert! Bear Lake raspberry shakes are a local tradition dating back decades to the early 1900s when German immigrant Theodore Hildt started planting raspberry fields around Bear Lake. 

The 6,000-foot elevation of Bear Lake, cooler temperatures, morning dew, and unique soil conditions created the ideal climate for super sweet and tasty raspberries. In the early 2000s, a fierce virus attack on the fruit trees forced farmers to start from scratch – a few farmers fled for greener pastures, and others persevered, planting new crops that today produce a seasonal scent of fresh raspberries throughout the valley. 

Visitors began planning their vacations around Bear Lake’s berry season between late July and the first few weeks of August and, before long, the Bear Lake Raspberry Days Festival was born. The Raspberry Days Festival is held on the first weekend in August and attracts 20,000+ visitors to Bear Lake – with ALL things raspberry! Save the date for 2023 (August 3 to August 5) and find all the details on our Guide to Bear Lake Raspberry Days

There’s one debate that continues to stir up passionate opinions, and heated discussions, amongst locals and visitors alike – Where to find the best raspberry shake in Bear Lake? The truth is, with so many options and each one having rave reviews, the only way to settle the debate is to book a summer vacation, pack your bags, and come to Bear Lake to try all the “secret recipes” yourself! 

Not a shake fan? No worries! In Bear Lake, you are spoilt for choice with raspberry pancakes, raspberry pies, raspberry hot chocolate, raspberry cocktails, raspberry jams and preserves, raspberry chipotle, chocolate-dipped raspberries, and so much more! 

raspberry shake

#1 Hometown Drive-In

105 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-2727

Pet-Friendly Patio

Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day 

One block south is Hometown Drive-In, just look for the bright yellow sign! This roadside fast-food restaurant serves handcrafted burgers, fresh sandwiches, the “tastiest fries in the state of Utah”, refreshing lime rickeys, and delicious raspberry shakes. Hometown Drive-In regularly features on the “best Bear Lake shake” list and is worthy of a stop on your quest to find the best raspberry shake in Bear Lake. 

#2 LaBeau’s Drive-In

69 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-8821

Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day 

Next stop, LaBeau’s, with its iconic 10-foot high revolving raspberry shake! LaBeau’s has been a Bear Lake favorite since 1981 and boasts a loyal following of locals and visitors who swear by their “original” Raspberry Shake packed with thick ice cream and fresh raspberries. If there’s a long line at the window, it’s well worth the wait for a taste test of the secret shake recipe at LaBeau’s. 

#3 Zipz

75 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-2810


Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day 

For the “Least Favorite Shakes” in Bear Lake and a fun small-town vibe, head next door to Zipz. Zipz is laid back, funky, and family-friendly with delicious Dole Whip smoothies (just like Disneyland!), raspberry slushees, and tasty shakes with premium Charlies Ice Cream, made in Utah. With flavors like raspberry chocolate chip, raspberry cheesecake, and raspberry brownie, you’ll soon discover their motto “Least Favorite Shakes” is simply tongue in cheek! 

#4 Quick N Tasty

28 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-2875


Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day 

Quick N Tasty is located across from the intersection of Hwy 89 – just looked for the “Famous Raspberry Shakes” covered wagon. This is one of the oldest shake shops in town with fast food and a great selection of flavorful and creamy shakes, from fruity to hot fudge.  There are shaded picnic tables to sit and sip – if it’s not too packed! 

#5 Shawka’s Shakes and Sodas

Lakeside Plaza, 70 W Logan Rd, Garden City

Phone: (801) 641-2212

Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day 

Formerly known as Ber’s Shakes N Sodas, this quaint shake shop in Lakeside Plaza is described as a “deliciously happy place” with the “best and most affordable shakes in town”. Situated next to Summit Pizza Co. (open seasonally only), Shawka’s shakes are the perfect sweet treat to complement your pizza and there are plenty of roadside picnic tables to relax and enjoy. 

#6 Ephraim’s Restaurant

35 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-2255


Open Year-Round | Closed Sundays

Monday – Saturday | 7 AM to 10 PM


#7 Cody’s Gastro Garage

88 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-3644


Open Year-Round

Monday – Thursday | 11 AM to 9 PM

Friday – Saturday | 8 AM to 10 PM

Sunday | 8 AM to 9 PM 

Cody’s Gastro Garage is a cool auto-themed restaurant that offers so much more than amazing raspberry shakes! Open year-round for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we’re talking cinnablocks, pancakes, waffles, french toast, and healthy fresh fruit and yogurt, all draped in local raspberry sauce. That’s just breakfast! Lunch and dinner items come topped with raspberry vinaigrette, raspberry BBQ sauce, and raspberry chipotle, with raspberry teas, lemonades, and creamy shakes to pair. 

#8 The Chocolate Bear Gift Shop

240 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-3295

Open Year-Round

Thursday – Saturday | 10 AM to 8 PM 

On your quest to uncover the best berry shakes in Bear Lake, be sure to stop by The Chocolate Bear Gift Shop for more berrylicious discoveries! The Chocolate Bear is filled with all kinds of raspberry infused delights, tempting chocolate-dipped raspberries, and gifts and souvenirs to take home. You can always stop by the Bear Trapper Restaurant next door for a raspberry shake or lemonade. 

#9 Dee’s Car Wash Ice Cream Shop

20 N Bear Lake Blvd, Laketown

Phone: (435) 946-3372

Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day

Sunday – Thursday | 7 AM to 9 PM

Friday – Saturday | 9 AM to 10 PM 

Situated near the south end of Bear Lake, the Car Wash Ice Cream Shop at Dee’s Super Service is a must visit spot for a summer shake! Dee’s is the only ice cream shop in Laketown with 30 flavors of Kemps Ice Cream (including dairy free raspberry sorbet!) and 15 shake flavors including Bear Lake Raspberry, Chocolate Chunk Ripe Raspberry, and Raspberry Cheesecake. Dee’s Super Service Convenience Store is also well-stocked with all your vacation essentials!  

#10 Crepes & Coffee

235 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Phone: (435) 946-2696

Pet-Friendly Patio

Seasonal Hours | Memorial Day to Labor Day 

Quick diversion – it’s not a shake but is definitely worthy of a mention on any Bear Lake raspberry blog! Located a mile south of Bear Lake Marina on Route 89 is Crepes and Coffee, a casual eatery with a selection of 30+ sweet and savory European-style pancakes including the ultra-tempting Bear Lake Raspberry Crepe with berry smoothies, craft beer, or wine to pair. There’s a walk-up window and a super cute patio with shaded tables and sofas, summer live music, and place for your pup! 


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