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Fishing in Bear Lake

Anglers come from miles around to enjoy the various fishing opportunities found in the Bear Lake valley. Bear Lake is home to a trophy cutthroat trout fishery where the Idaho State record cutthroat of 19 lbs. was caught. Lake trout(mackinaw) also inhabit the lake and may grow to 30 lbs. Trolling and jigging from boats can be done throughout the year (winter and spring months being the most productive).

There are four endemic fish species in Bear Lake: the Bonneville cisco (Prosopium gemmifer), the Bonneville whitefish (Prosopium spilonotus), the Bear Lake whitefish (Prosopium abyssicola), and the Bear Lake sculpin (Cottus extensus). The January-February spawning run of the Bonneville Cisco draws fishing enthusiast who dip nets to capture the small swift fish. Bear Lake is ice covered four out of five years and jigging for trout and whitefish is a favorite activity for those who brave the cold outdoors to fish.

If fly fishing is your game then the nearby Logan river located in Logan Canyon is great for fly fishing. There are many other small lakes and streams in the area as well.

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