It's Time!

Time to gather your whole family together for a memorable reunion filled with laughter and love. It’s been too long since you’ve gathered together as a family, and you’re starting to feel the pull to reconnect again.


But where do you even start? Gathering together any group of 20 to 50 people— or more— can seem like an impossible, monumental task. But don’t worry. The experts at Bear Lake Premier Cabins are here to help. We’re doing a blog series on the easiest way to plan a fun and stress-free family reunion that won’t soon be forgotten!

Let’s get started with the first steps in pulling off what is sure to be everyone’s favorite family reunion!


Pick the date

First things first— pick the date. We recommend picking a date that is at least 6 months in advance— 12 months out is even better. Most families with school-age children need a fair amount of notice before planning a trip.

Here’s the secret. You want to pick this date with a minimum amount of input as possible. Hear us out. Opening up the date to a group discussion will take an extraordinary amount of time. And everyone always has excuses for why a particular date will not work for them. So get the hardest task out of the way right away— and pick the date right now.

Pick the location!

Next up is choosing a family reunion location. If most of your family is spread out throughout the country— or even the world— choosing a beautiful, central, and appealing location is important. Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho border is the ideal spot for any family reunion. It combines the natural beauty of a freshwater lake with tons of activities— in both the winter and summer— to please everyone.

We have a suggestion… how about The Caribbean of the Rockies  a.k.a  Beautiful Bear Lake Utah & Idaho!

What’s the easiest way to make your next family reunion easy, relaxing, and memorable? Ditch the generic hotel and rent a vacation cabin instead. Staying at a hotel as a group means renting multiple rooms. There’s no guarantee that they will be adjoining or even close to each other. Yikes!


But renting a vacation cabin means your whole crew is together in one spot. Renting a vacation cabin also means having 24-hour access to a large, fully-equipped kitchen. The kitchen is the unsung hero of any family trip. You’ll bond over freshly-flipped blueberry pancakes in the morning, or blended frozen drinks at happy hour. You’ll whisper over late-night snacks and giggle while the popcorn pops for movie night. The kitchen is where everyone gathers together— to laugh, to talk, and to make lasting memories.


Here at Bear Lake Premier Cabins Family Reunions is what we specialize in, and our inventory of cabins is hand picked to be ideal for reconnecting and making memories!

Let's get started!