Getaway & be inspired this fall…

It’s a common misconception that Bear Lake is the greatest place to be ONLY in the summer time… well, we’re here to set the record straight (and to offer you a Five Star place to stay at a price that will have you running out the door, and now that we offer:



How can you say no?!?

There really is nothing quite as stunning as Bear Lake in October and November, autumn is in full swing during these months and the vibrant colors, exquisite scenery, and crisp mountain air are just what you need to relax, unwind, and prepare yourself for the busy holiday season ahead.

Bear Lake activities and things to do in the fall!

It’s not just the relaxing atmosphere that draws people to Bear lake during the fall. There are endless activities and things to do in the fall in the Bear Lake Valley. With hundreds of miles trails winding through the beautiful mountains of Utah and Idaho. Pack up enjoy a getaway filled with all nature has to offer; along the way, you may encounter wildlife in abundance; squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys, deer, moose and many different species of birds are commonly seen around the valley. As always be respectful and pack out what you pack in leaving the area as you found it.







ATV Trails and Access

The Bear Lake valley is filled with hundreds of miles of ATV/OHV trails winding through the beautiful mountains of Utah and Idaho.


Mountain Biking around Bear Lake

Discover the best mountain biking trails all around Bear Lake, Utah. If you’re looking for road biking, we can give you tips there as well.


Bear Lake Horseback Riding

Take in the beautiful scenery and nature from the back of a horse. Horseback riding is another way to experience the beauty of Bear Lake. Learn more here.



Bear Lake Hiking

There’s plenty of ways to experience nature in Bear Lake. One of our favorites is hiking. Learn about hikes for families and for adventure seekers.


What’s a getaway without the food!

There’s so much to offer and something to please every pallet!

Where to stay…

Here at Bear Lake Premier Cabins we love helping you find the best cabin for your getaway. Your family, friends, and loved ones will make memories that will last a lifetime as you relax and reconnect in one of our large and luxurious cabins. Our beautiful cabins have activities for all ages such as swimming pools, hot tubs, home theaters, fire pits, kids play areas and outdoor lawn areas. Each cabin has a fully stocked kitchen and dining room and numerous bedrooms to accommodate any size family or group.